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GUERISSON 9 Complex Cream

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Inspired by the precious ingredient 'horse oil', an ancient Asian medicine ingredient, Guerisson is a functional skincare brand that utilizes modern dermatology to maximize the effectiveness of horse oil, which has been used since ancient times. 'It conquers discoloration, freckles, and wrinkles to smoothen rough skin, heals chapped hands and feet, and improves blood circulation.' Horse oil has been renowned as a powerful and mysterious ingredient in Asia for millennia, even being catalogued in ancient Chinese medical books Bencau Gangmu and Mingyi Bie Lu. Geurisson found a use for 'Horse Oil Liposome Clustering' through independent research. Guerisson's proprietary technology combines skin moisturizing, wrinkle-reducing, and skin brightening ingredients to deliver the power of horse oil on a whole new dimension from within the skin. We believe that beatuy is true, and truth is beautiful. Guerisson's beliefs, beginning with horse oil's originality, will go beyond Asia to show the true beatuy of horse oil to women around the world.

Advanced Horse Oil

A Method to Refine Solid Horse Oil and High Purity Liquid Horse Oil

Elegant feeling of touch, perfect skin absorption and Enhancement of protective power by high purity premium fatty acid selectively separated from natural saturated fatty acid contained in horse oil.

  • Natural saturated fatty acid in horse oil is selectively separated and contained in the Cream.
  • Saturated fatty acid is the lipid component comprising cell membrane of skin.
  • Excellent effect for protecting skin and forming moisturizing barrier.
  • More effective reaction against skin aging which is caused by reduction of fatty acid in the sin cells.
  • Safe even for sensitive skin due to purer elements.
  • Distinguished anti-bacterial effect as the quality fatty acid, stearic acid and palmitic acid, strengthens skin immunity.


3-Peptide Complex Contained

Completion of skin becoming dense and moist from deep inside skin with peptide complex helping to improve the structure of skin tightening fiber and growth.

Enhancement of collapsed skin barrier 

Completion of healthy and glossy skin by enhancing skin barrier collapsed and damaged by a variety of factors.

Butter Melting Formula

Sufficiently nourishing skin with elegant feeling of application by thick butter-like texture and horse oil which closely stick to skin as if being melted into skin.




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