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DNA White Gluta Mineral H2O Blackberry L-Gluta Extract Whitening

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Extract imported from Switzerland The unique formula of the shop can actually adjust the skin's radiance. The skin glows with aura, reduces fade, freckles, dark spots, helps fight free radicals. Reduce wrinkles Can be absorbed into the body quickly With small molecules like Liposome, not harmful to the body Feel white skin in 7 days.
Results after eating
- Whitening up 96 %%
- White skin 2 levels 95%
- Acne marks, scars fade noticeably 94%
- 92% smoother skin
- Freckles, dark spots, fade out clearly 85%
- Scar relief, 85% redness
- Reduce wrinkles by 85%
- Protect the skin from the sun 80%
- 80% better excretory system
Important Ingredients (Ingredien)
Glutathione 30000mg.
Rasberry Extract 100000mg.
Collagen 200000 mg.
Vitamin C 1000mg
Pacenta 650mg.
Grape Seed Extract 100mg.
Fiber 6000mg.

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