Kiss Beauty strawberry Lip Oil can change color according to body temperature. Equipped with Vitamin A, Vitamin E and strawberry For those of you who have dry and chapped lips, you should try lip oil as your daily lip care. If you regularly do lip care using lip oil, your lips will look healthier, less dry and able to improve the rough texture of your lips. You can use lip oil at any time, for lip care before going to bed, as a substitute for lipstick and as a lip toper to produce a juicey look. By using lip oil, your lips will feel comfortable all day long without worrying about dryness.

You don’t need to be confused about choosing a lip balm or a lip gloss, because lip oil comes by combining the benefits of lip balm and lip gloss. If the lip balm you normally use doesn’t feel good on your lips because it leaves a sticky feeling, maybe it’s time you replaced your lip balm with lip oil. Apart from functioning as moisturizing lips, lip oil has a glossy finish that makes lips look fresher and healthier. So, when using lip oil you are like using lip gloss, but the formula is lighter on the lips.


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