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One spring essence red pomegranate serum

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Red pomegranate hydrating& moisturizing   nourishing& tendering
Fruit essence    Tendering        Hydrating     Nourishing
Product name: Red pomegranate freshly hydrating essence
Product specification: 15ml
Product effect: Contain red pomegranate extract, silky and watery character, nourish naturally. Give skin                               unique nourishing, freshly hydrating.
Limited to date: See the packing


The secret of getting watery& tendering skin
Drops of essence
Nourishing and get smoothness skin
Hydrating& moisturizing
Red pomegranate can supply water to skin, lock water.
Nourishing& moisturizing
Nourishing skin deeply, let skin to be silky and smoothness.
Deep nourishing
Exquisite character, tendering skin without uptight and oil


Tendering           Red pomegranate let skin to be watery& tendering
Hydrating           Help to hydrating and relieve dry skin
Moisturizing         Let skin to be watery and smoothness
Nourishing          Care naturally, tendering skin
Silky               Fresh and comfortable, without oil
Red pomegranate essence
Fruit care
Beautiful skin, you deserve it!
The steps of skin absorb water
Red pomegranate   
Hydrating and moisturizing, say goodbye to dry skin. Give you watery, tendering, smoothness face.


Red pomegranate
Fruits nourishing essence
Red pomegranate extract
Sodium hyaluronate


Way to use:

1:  Cleaning your face

2:  Use your finger or cotton pads to get drops of essence and use it on face avgragely

3:  Use your finger pulp to massage face gently


Warm notice: We suggest that use it twice a day after cleaning your face in the morning and evening, continue                     to use, give you silky and tendering skin.


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