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3W Clinic Collagen & Luxury Gold Revitalizing Comfort Gold Essence 150ml

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1. Energetic energy is soft and moisturizes the skin texture.
2. The active ingredient penetrates the skin to promote collagen production.
3. Wrinkle improvement vital improvements and other various aging symptoms improved.
4. It is thin and refreshing like my skin due to thin soft texture and moisture.
5. Fill up the lack of collagen in your skin, making a firm elastic skin.
6. Moisturizes and protects skin from roughness and dryness.
7. It is deeply absorbed into the skin, making skin rejuvenate from the base firmly.
8. Contains abundance of vitamins preventing oxidative stress and improves to clear and fresh skin.
9. Use 7 ingredients (triethanolamine, mineral oil, paraben, benzophenone, benzyl alcohol,
imidazolidinyl urea, petrolatum) to block and protect skin.


How to use
1. Cleanses and prepare skin with toner and lotion after cleansing.
2. Apply the proper amount and gently spread out from inside the skin to the outside.
3. Tap lightly to absorb.


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